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Why To Not Trust Home Advisor?

What Is a Home Advisor ?

HomeAdvisor may be a contractor-matching service that connects homeowners with professionals who can help with home improvement projects such as carpentry, electrical work, foundation crack repair, vinyl siding installation, or general works. Now, I am going to tell the reason why to not trust home advisors

·         Most of the main issues with using Home advisors are, They sending low-quality leads. While there are some low quality leads for sure (numerous people have experienced this). Home Advisor provides leads, not customers, and if a business doesn’t follow best practices for turning leads into customers, then they’ll likely waste tons of cash with little results.

·         one among the most issues contractors have voiced having with HomeAdvisor is abandoning some rights to their business.

·         As per the home advisor’s terms states home advisors can use any information in your profile to direct links back to their site.

·         Some contractors said that don’t agree with HomeAdvisor using their name to promote HomeAdvisor’s business and that it borders being unethical.

·         contractors noted that leads that are earned from the home advisors are not worth their time.

·         whenever you receive a replacement lead on HomeAdvisor, you’re charged a fee.

·         If the lead hasn’t yet converted, still you have to pay for those leads to home advisors. And since the lead is directed to contractors aside from just you, you’ve got to constantly monitor your phone, otherwise, you finish up paying for a lead another contractor obtains.

·         This results in a final fallback of using HomeAdvisor — it can get awfully expensive.

·         If you’re constantly receiving leads that don’t cause any actual business, you’ll spend tons of cash.

·         Leads for bigger contracting jobs are very affordable. If you are just starting you can’t spend more money.

·         the amount one reason that you simply should avoid Home Advisor is that it can ruin your website and your online presence.

·         the simplest thanks to limit this cost is for a contractor to form the simplest effort to secure employment and adjust the spending target to what they will afford.

·         They create a bunch of profiles on online business directories in your business name, using your logo and pictures, and then point those directories back to HA where they can sell the leads to other contractors.


·         Additionally, it is often tough to differentiate yourself from the competition on HA. That often leads to having to be the more competitive one price which can further eat into profits.


For contractors who might not want to use HomeAdvisor, there are alternative options available. And for people who want to undertake HomeAdvisor out, these alternatives will help your profile stand out even more. I recommend you to use investing your money in search engine optimization or SEO, for your contracting website. SEO increases the visibility of your website in Search engine results, and it can drastically increase your ROI. It’s also a more reliable solution, so you won’t need to fear you’re paying for leads that are a dead end. The following are the list of some  Construction companies that use SEO instead of Home advisors:

·         Sathlokhar Synergy’s Pvt. Ltd(one of the top construction company in Chennai)

·         Dream home developers(One of the top construction company in Chennai)

·         Vascon Engineers PVT Ltd(One of the top construction company in Chennai)

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·         Malar constructions (One of the top construction companies in thoothukudi)

·  Arima constructions and developers(One of the best construction companies at Coimbatore)

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