Dream Home Developer™



Construction Model – Customer Budget Driven

Dream Home’s operating model is based on the principle of encompassment. In other words we work together and gets inputs from the most important stakeholder in the process, i.e YOU! We believe that howsoever an Architect or a Contractor can contribute towards a house construction, the primary contributor should be none other than the family residing in that house.

With this in mind, we have devised a construction model with a 5 step evaluation process that will help us understand your requirements better. The process will also serve as a self-reflection for you to reiterate your needs.


Step 1: Fix your budget

The size, expanse and conveniences of your house boils down to how much money you plan to shell out for the same. This is a very important process as it the output of this step that determines your end product. Consider all your sources of money – your savings, bank loans, feasible EMI, loans from friends and family etc- and arrive at an approximate budget for your house. Please note that whatever your chosen budget is, we would be able to create and execute a suitable plan for you. Our range of customers vary from budget to premium.


 Step 2: Floor Plan Design

Once you share this planned budget with us, our design team will help develop a floor plan based on your taste and preferences. Our team would share several already available plans with you to understand the type of house that you would prefer. In case you and your family haven’t formed any particular preference, this step would help you form a clear picture on the type of floor plan to go for.


Step 3: Technical and Design Specifications

Once the floor plan is finalized, the architect’s office will proceed with the elevation and sanction drawings. In the mean time, we would decide on the technical and design specifications of the house. At this stage, we decide whether to use bricks or porotherm blocks or laterite blocks or hollow blocks for construction; whether to plaster the building or not; how many layers of paint to apply etc. All these decisions would be made based on your budget decided in step #1. Please note that since safety is of paramount concern to us, we would not be making any compromises in selecting the electrical cabling for your house. Saving a few rupees on inferior quality wires and cables will do you no good in the long term.


Step 4: Choice of Materials

Eventhough your budget is the primary factor influencing the end product that is your house; it is not until this stage that the major differences start to manifest itself. In this stage we would suggest to you the list of materials and fittings that you could use in your house. You can go over the list and choose the brand and cost of the products. For example hand wash basins are available from Rs 500/- per piece to Rs 25,000/- per piece. Similarly, the price of a lamp shade can even go upto a lakh of rupees.


Step 5: Discuss and finalize on the end product

After the products are chosen, we would jointly arrive at the final pricing for the end product.