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“How much will this cost?” is a question every owner wants to know
before pulling the trigger on their construction project.

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Approximate cost on various work of materialas per thumb rule

Cement (16.4 %) : Rs : 0.00
Sand (12.3 %) : Rs : 0.00
Aggregate (7.4 %) : Rs : 0.00
Steel (24.6 %) : Rs : 0.00
Finishers (16.5 %)
(Paint (4.1 %) + Tiles (8.0 %) + Bricks (4.4 %)) :
Rs : 0.00
Fittings (22.8 %)
(Window (3.0 %) + Doors (3.4 %) + Plumbing (5.5 %)
+ Eletrical (6.8 %) + Sanitary (4.1 %)) :
Rs : 0.00
The Total Estimation is :

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Don’t worry if you come up with some unexpected results! Consider this an exploratory tool to be honed together. Click on the link to send us your ideal combination, and we’ll schedule a time to speak with you.

Our Quality Services

Our company promises skills and expertise to undertake a broad range of survey including land & civil engineering, building construction, infrastructure construction
Dream Home Developer™ provides a one-year warranty on each home constructed*. When you have a service need you will fill out a service request and forward it to our service manager. He will forward the request to the appropriate section and track the work until it is completed to your satisfaction.
With a professional team of technicians dedicated to providing you with the highest quality service available, we will work around your schedule to provide a first-class job for you.
We use the latest technology, including high-performance cleaning equipment and trained professionals to deliver a quality service that minimizes environmental impact. We’re an exclusive team of skilled professionals that have all the tools, innovation, and experience needed to deliver complete building maintenance plans.
Our dedicated team is committed to our reputation of high standards and excellent workmanship and pride ourselves on offering a friendly, efficient service for all our customers.

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